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Description of fooView - Float Viewer

How many touches and clicks you have made on your phone every day? How much time you have spent on switching apps? How many useless operations, which should be saved, cost your PRECIOUS time?

Be Simple!

fooView - Float Viewer is a magic floating button. It's a system enhancement tool to help you access your favorite websites, apps, games, files, music, photos, videos, and screen contents by a gesture using one hand.

Please check the video.

fooView will utilize the internal power of your smart phones using machine learning techniques, save 80% of your operations, let everything be simple.

An easy gesture can do what?
·A crop for a quick screenshot, recognized automatically, share, and search?
·A swipe to preview files?
·An easy gesture to replace all the navigation physical keys?
·A long press gesture to switch and manage apps quickly?


One hand to operate, only a gesture.
·Crop a word to translate, save, share to your messenger...
·Crop a name such as in videos to search in multiple search engines
·Crop an image such as in games to screenshot (Android 5.0+), search, and share to social network or photos community...
·Crop a number to dial or check where it's from
·Crop an address to check how to route in maps
·Swipe for Back, Swipe long for Home, protecting physical keys
·Swipe up to Files/Weather/News or Floating Window
·Swipe down to Recent List/Notification
·Swipe in File to preview
·Long press to switch/manage apps
·Small package size
·Floating browser. Different from others, it can be floating
·Full-featured floating files (images, music, videos, documents) manager for both local and network
·App manager
·Built-in viewers(such as pdf), players and downloader
·Multiple search engine...
·Gesture input
·Text recognition
·Regional screenshot and screen recorder(some requires Android 5.0+)
·Apps/webs are sorted automatically for quick search! Self-learn with more use
·Texts/Gestures are recognized
·Several modes to personalize
·Easy to learn. Inbuilt Guide, Demo Video, and Game to help you step in the world
·I'm feeling Lucky

Special Note
When you set gesture for locking screen or grant the device administrator permission from settings manually to avoid this app being killed by the system, this app uses the device administration API, and you need disable the permission before uninstallation. It's required by the system.

How fooView help the disabled users with Accessibility Services?
1) For visually impaired users, you can select words or images from the screen using fooView and enlarge it for a better readability.
2) For physical disabilities, fooView provides powerful single hand features, you can use one hand to operate the phone, switch apps easily, replacing the navigation hard keys, which can hardly be controlled by one hand.
3) Some features are in the development.


Contact us
Twitter: @fooView_app
Google+: +Fooviewapp

Version history fooView - Float Viewer
New in fooView
V0.9.2.1 Changelog:
1)App Switcher:
-- Support Adding More Apps
-- Optimize For Single Hand Mode
2)OCR Module:
-- Improve ~50% Performance
3)Backup Module:
-- Support Backup & Restore Settings
4)Customize Module:
-- Add Settings When Hiding As Line
-- Support Content/File Protocal When Sharing/Openning Files
5)Task Module:
-- Merge Action Module Into Task Module
-- Support WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS... Actions
6)Many Minor Improvements.
New in fooView
V0.9.1.1 Changelog:
1. Task Module:
-- A new module, Preview version
-- Support Adding Customized Tasks On Home Window
-- Support Combinations Of Action, App, Text, File, Web Page, Flow Control, System Message
-- 4 Task Demos
2. Many Minor Improvements.
New in fooView
It comes to Pre Release from V0.9.1. Windows Module:-- Support Multiple Floating Windows2. OCR Module:-- Support Google Online OCR3. Video Module:-- Play List-- Support Bitrates Setting For Recorder4. Translation Module:-- Support Google Instant Translate5. Floating Icon Module:-- Add Quick Setting Switch For Android 7.0+6. Many Minor Improvements.
New in fooView
V0.8.9.0 Changelog:1. Watermark Module:-- Support Adding Watermark On Image/Screenshot/GIF & Recording/Editing Video2. Screenshot Module:-- Support Recording GIF & Video3. Video Module:-- Support Filter4. Many Minor Improvements.
New in fooView
V0.8.8.0:1. Image Editor:-- Shape, Fill, Font, Transparency, Arrow-- Pickup Color2. Video Editor:-- Save As Different Bitrates, Resolution-- Update Preview When Modifying Timeline-- Audio Control3. Favorites Module:-- Edit Categories4. Text Selector:-- Treat URL As A Whole-- Support Auto Scroll-- Support Fast Scroll5. Download Manager:-- Threads Up To 32-- Auto Rename Files With Same Names-- Search In Download Manger6. Other Improvements
New in fooView
V0.8.7.5 Changelog:1. Music Editor:-- Support Merge, Split, Preview Music2. Downloader:-- Support HTTP, Mutiple Threads-- Manage Downloaded Files-- Manage Download Progress3. Video Editor:-- Support Add Music Into Video Without Music Track-- Edit Multiple Videos At A Time4. Action Module:-- Support Record Notification Panel On Android 7.0+-- Support Record Gesture On Android 7.0+5. Other Minor Improvements
New in fooView
V0.8.6.8 Changelog:1. Main Window:-- List UI Update To Card UI-- Tag Update To Keywords Card-- Improve Performance2. Video Module:-- Support Video Merge, Cut, Add Text, Mute, etc. (Android 4.3+)3. Browser Module:-- Add Forward, Find In Page, Open In Background Menu-- Add Incognito Mode-- Support FTP Link-- Support User Agent Switch-- Confirm Before Downloading4. Other Minor Improvements
New in fooView
V0.8.6.1 Changelog:1. File Module:-- Support Long Press & Drag-- Support 2nd Finger To Select Interregional-- Add Directory Tree In Address Bar-- Add Subscript On Buttons To Show Default Value2. App Switcher Module:-- Support Group3. Search Module:-- Input Path To Open Path-- Support Local Song, Artist, Album Search4. Action Module:-- Can Add Shortcuts To Home Screen-- Improve Compatibility On Different Devices5. Other Minor Improvements
New in fooView
V0.8.5.8 Changelog:1. Hide List:-- Support Hide Globally Manually-- Improve Hide List With Auto Learn Rules2. Video Module:-- Improve FV Player With Gesture Controller3. Other Minor Improvements-- Fix Compatiblity Issues On Samsung, Huawei
New in fooView
V0.8.5.7 Changelog:1. Hide List:-- Simplify Hide List-- Can Hide For Current Window (Activity)2. File Module:-- Can Move On External SD Card On Android 7.0+-- Add Share To FV To Save Feature-- Can Edit Images On External SD Card-- Optimize Samba & Webdav3. Application Module:-- Can Add To Favorites4. Many Minor Improvements-- Optimize Permission Explanation, Text Selection, Notification, Image, etc.
New in fooView
V0.8.5.6 Changelog:1. Lucky Module:-- Add Camera For Quick Recognition (Android 5.0+)2. Main Icon Module:-- Support Text Recognition When “Drag To Select Image”-- Support “Drag To Select” In FV Image Viewer3. Clipboard Module:-- Add FV Clipboard Interface, Can Share To FV Clipboard4. File Module:-- Add “Hide Short Duration Music” Menu-- Add Rename Button In Property5. Text Selector Module:-- Add Merge Keywords Menu-- Add Sort By Select Order Menu6. Many Minor Improvements.
New in fooView
V0.8.5.4 Changelog:1. Main Icon Module:-- Support Drag To Select Image-- Support 2nd Finger Tap To Cancel Select2. Clipboard Module:-- Support Image3. Text Selector Module:-- Add Select By Words Mode4. Translate Module:-- Add Some Translate Engines5. Search Module:-- Add Many Search Engines-- Use Icon Mode-- Add Sort By Frenquency6. Gesture Module:-- Support Vibration Feedback7. Many Minor Improvements.
New in fooView
V0.8.5.0 Changelog:1. Action Module:-- Support Text Parameter-- Support Select Window Manually-- Support Add Time Interval2. Theme Module:-- Add Night Mode Menu & Settings3. Search Module:-- Add TinEye Image Search4. Browser Module:-- Support Slide Down From The Title To Show Window List5. Recorder Module:-- Support Shake To Pause (Android 5.0+)6. Image Module:-- Add Bottom Buttons-- Add Rotate Menu7. Many Minor Improvements.
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